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This is a review of PhenQ diet pills. PhenQ is a wonderful diet supplement that combines all of the cutting edge functions of other diet pills into a single supplement. Immediately after taking PhenQ, you’ll notice a few things – you’ll be eating less, accumulating fat much more slowly, and burning more calories.

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Alpha action

This is due to metabolic shifts caused by PhenQ’s two main active ingredients: alpha lipoic acid and cysteine. These two chemicals, combined into a patented formula know as α-Lacys Reset®, normalize the body’s metabolism to achieve these three incredible effects in a single pill. PhenQ is, in fact, the only triple threat diet supplement on the market featuring all three of these effects: lowered appetite, fat cell blocking, and fat burning.

Secondary action

Alpha lipoic acid and cysteine aren’t the only ingredients in PhenQ. The pill also features a combination of six all-natural ingredients to aid in its crusade against fat

  • Caffeine: Everybody knows that caffeine can provide a great all-natural energy enhancement. When your energy is higher, you, quite simply, do more stuff. All that extra stuff you’re doing is burning calories. One thing you might not know about caffeine, however, is that as a stimulant, caffeine can actually reduce your appetite by a surprising amount. And you can say goodbye to spending money on coffee and energy drinks!
  • Calcium carbonate: This is how PhenQ achieves its miraculous fat-blocking abilities – this mineral, found in pearls and eggshells, can prevent cells from producing and storing some amount of fat.
  • Capsimax: This powder raises your core body temperature to burn calories, and therefore lose you more weight. Rev up your natural engine and put some of that extra fuel to use!
  • Chromium picolinate: A chemical compound that works on your body’s insulin receptors to suppress appetite and cravings.
  • L-carnitine fumarate: An amino acid found in many of our daily foods, such as vegetables, nuts, and red meat, which fools your body into thinking it’s already eaten, kicking your body’s fat-burning mechanisms into gear and making you feel like you’re already full.
  • Nopal: Believe it or not, this is a cactus, traditionally used in Mexican cuisine. This is the plant that yields the so-called “prickly pear”. This keeps your body flush with essential nutrients and fiber you might otherwise lack – and, according to current science, may possibly act on your glycemic index, keeping your blood sugar high throughout the day and eliminating cravings.

As yet, absolutely no side effects have been discovered or reported to be associated with the consumption of the PhenQ weight-loss supplement. With so many customer reviews and testimonials showing such incredible weight loss with no adverse effects, and at such an affordable price, there’s no reason not to try PhenQ.

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