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Weight loss is the new fad in the medical industry. As such, several manufacturers are coming up with products that promise to help the user lose weight without putting in much effort. Consumers should beware of false products that only offer fluff without much content. We have conducted a review of two of the most credible weight loss supplements in the industry to help you make an informed decision for your weight loss journey. These products are PhenQ and Phen375.


PhenQ is a comprehensive weight loss supplement that seeks to enhance weight loss by incorporating various strategies. The ingredients of this supplement include caffeine, capsicum, piperine (black pepper), calcium, Chlorium picolinate and a fibre in form of nopal cactus.The working mechanisms of PhenQ are decreased appetite, increased metabolism and reduced storage of fat in the body. This supplement manipulates the fat cells in the body to shrink in size and in turn store less fat. Chlorium picolinate helps the body maintain healthy levels of sugar and in turn reduces appetite.

Caffeine boosts energy levels and enables the body to burn fat fast. PhenQ has been noted to enhance weight loss of 1-2 lbs per week. This product focuses on reducing body fat while increasing body muscle, which may lead to low weight loss numbers.

The most common side effect is a reaction to the caffeine content of the supplement. Consumers with an allergic reaction to caffeine should discontinue the use of PhenQ. Other consumers become accustomed to the presence of caffeine in their bodies after using the product for a while.

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Phen375 is another splendid weight loss supplement that works by increasing the thermogenesis process of the body. Thermogenesis increases the body’s ability to burn fat which is used up in form of energy. The ingredients of Phen375 include dhea, l-carnitine, capsaicin, tyrmethylxantine and dimethyl-pentylamine. These ingredients help the body burn excess fat, increase metabolism to enhance weight loss and suppress hunger to reduce food consumption. Phen375 has similar side effects to phenQ which entails discomfort in form of nausea during the first few days of taking the products due to caffeine content.

This phenq vs phen375 review reveals that phenq contains natural ingredients while phen375 is a chemically engineered product. The two products work in almost the same fashion by suppressing hunger and increasing metabolism. However, phen375 has a higher weight loss rate of 3-5lbs per week in comparison to phenq’s 1-2lbs. As such, phen375 is ideal for consumers who wish to lose weight fast while phenq takes the slower route while building up body muscle. Notably, the best weight loss results are achieved by combining these supplements with healthy lifestyle choices.

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